it works


  • Our service includes all the software you need to power your displays
    • Composer — A web-based tool for creating and publishing.
    • Content Computing Network — Cloud control for managing systems and monitoring content.
    • Player — A robust software player that drives your displays.

How it works

When you sign up for Videro, you get:

1. Web-based software for your computer that helps you create, publish and manage content for digital displays. There’s no download required. Just open your browser window and sign into

2. Videro Content Computing Network — a professionally hosted network that lives on the Cloud and powers the behind-the-scenes infrastructure, data and business applications for your digital displays.


3. Player software that broadcasts your content and runs on industry standard hardware plugged into your digital displays. Our player software distributes your content and monitors all activity - software, hardware and most importantly, your content - so that you can stay up-to-date and in control.

Videro runs in a browser

Our software: Always on. Remote controlled. Instantly scales.


Our service: helping you succeed.


So many of our customers found Videro after being frustrated by the high up-front costs and ever-changing format requirements of heavy technical installations. Videro provides a compelling alternative that aligns with our customers’ actual growth. Our service allows you to instantly scale to multiple displays and locations. And as a web service, you can control content, scheduling, show controls and other functions all remotely via a standard web browser.

Competitive advantage

We believe in clean, intuitive user design. Videro software makes it easy to show off your content. We bet you’d much rather focus on making your content look good - and not spend time navigating a dozen clicks when you could do it in two. At Videro, we are passionate about user interfaces that help our clients, not stand in their way.


Want to check it out for yourself? Contact us and we will set you up with a demonstration right on your browser.

Industry standard hardware

You already share photos, talk on your social network, play games on your mobile phone — and you do it all on the
Cloud. So why limit your digital signage to the capabilities of an individual computer or a handful of business servers?


With Videro, you get the benefit of using hundreds of networked and backed up servers — the Cloud — at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own business server. You no longer risk
the single point of failure of an individual machine. Instead you gain the uptime, reliability and security of working with the 24/7 supported Videro network that’s trusted by our world renowned clients.