• If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
  • To make a digital sign, start with what you’ve got in print. It’s easy to take your logo, your colors and your PDF files and just paste them on-screen. Then add a video, a news ticker or the perfect soundtrack to fit your brand. You can even switch on banner or contextual advertising from your online campaigns.
  • Videro helps you leverage all of your creative assets and turns them into a digital composition that you control using simple web tools.
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Every second counts

Time is money

And who’s got time to reformat images, audio and video? Go ahead and use your content in its original format. Skip the extra expense — and the downgraded appearance — of regenerating your stuff. Focus on building the optimal customer experience, not on translating files, feeds or formats. Videro displays your content in its native format, producing a broadcast quality presentation without the cost of reformatting.

Connect the pixels

Got a marketing campaign on Facebook and Twitter?

Update your digital billboards in the same instant you alert your online fans. Already have a dynamite website? Why not bring your online content right into the store or showroom? Videro powered touchscreens suggest accessories, combinations or incentives based on your customer’s needs and your in-store stock.


Videro comes out on top

One of our partners recently did their own visual taste test

They set up the same content on identical screens, each using different display software. So which software had the easiest content set-up? And which software made one set of content stand out from its twins? Try it for yourself. In side-by-side comparisons, Videro makes the same content on the same screen look crisp and beautiful — and better than the competition.

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