Wave thatmagic wandCustomer interactions.
Brand experience.
Targeted product sales lift.
RFID mirrors. Live web feeds.
Motion sensors.


  • Let your objective drive the content. And your content drive the action. Videro makes it easy to produce real-time compositions that interact with customers, the environment and a full range of external devices and web services.
  • Here are a few proven examples. We’re happy to show you more.



Show controls

Raise the curtains or start the DMX light show.


Buttons and touch sensors

A simple button or an interactive display table.


RFID scanners

A magic mirror or a retail shelf display.


Motion sensors

Start the video just as the customer steps up to the kiosk.



E-commerce web sites

Make your online inventory part of the in-store merchandizing.


RSS and live feeds

Sports scores, stock tickers, Facebook, Twitter and more. Attract attention when you share the latest buzz.



Show off the native power of your interactive apps with layers of visual data, user input and geolocation.




When headquarters updates the pricing database, watch the shelf labels refresh automatically.