See your namein lightsWith Videro you've got
Times Square at your fingertips


  • All the world’s a stage.
  • Be big and bold in Times Square. Then show that personal touch at your shop.
  • Give LA one version and Chicago another. Display the early bird special and then automatically switch it for the night owls.
  • Videro makes it easy to schedule different content
    for different times of day; and then instantly change the scene with a
    surprise rainy-day special. How easy? Just point and click.
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Strike while the iron is hot

Create targeted, immersive messaging for transforming customer experiences and driving sales. Our software enables you to connect with customers at their moments of intent.



Our technology starts with your browser. Then watch your content control video walls, RFID sensors and more. Videro provides an end-to-end digital display service.



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Come as a novice. Or join us in raising the bar. We love to help our clients grow. Check out some of our clients, and find out how we work with resellers and agencies.


Strike while the iron is hot

Target the right message at the right time


Do you have this in blue? Of course, and shall I show you the new arrivals? Videro tunes into your customer’s needs with dynamic content action that helps you, your salespeople and even the fitting room touch-screen show the right stuff at the right time. Remember the first time search-ads magically appeared by your online query? Videro brings
that instant gratification to your in-store displays and touch-screen kiosks.


Race cars zoom across 1-2-3 screens in your showroom


Departures and arrivals appear on-the-spot across dozens of airport terminals. Go ahead and watch your own screens update simultaneously with just-in-time events. Sync is simple with real-time rendering from Videro. And forget about jittery loops and degraded video. Videro provides unmatched precision in synchronized displays.


Watch this space

The sign out front. The wall-to-wall projection. The point-of-sale displays. Videro powers all kinds of displays:

  • Indoor merchandising: Immersive projections, bulkhead menus, retail shelf screens, POS displays, LED price tags, showroom soundtracks and more.
  • Outdoor eye-catchers: Illuminated billboards, window displays, tiled video walls, synchronized jumbotrons and more.
  • Customer interactive: Touch screens, juke boxes, fitting room mirror displays, RFID merchandise tables, motion-sensor displays and more.

Even audio-visual show controls (AMX and others) are easy to connect and control. Just picture your content in front of you, surrounding you or right up in the sky, and Videro will help you show off your ideas.