• Easily create and publish on-screen content from anywhere.
  • Simply drag and drop video and music, images and text – into any arrangement you want.
  • Already have great web content? Just copy and paste to your lobby TV or your jumbotron.



Forget about formats

JPG, MPG, PDF. Flash, vector, RSS. Whatever your file, feed or format — you name it.

Just click and position it where you’d like. Take your artwork, your photos, your slogan and put them right on-screen. Create a simple sign or your own news ticker. Videro renders and displays the original file on-screen, giving it the best possible look, without your having to re-format.

We support your resolution

Portrait vs. landscape? Different display resolutions? Just create it once.

And then watch it play seamlessly on almost any screen. Videro gives you the control to individually tailor or mass replicate your content for the full spectrum of display types. Our software renders your content independently for each synchronized or stand-alone display, making it possible to distribute it to many different resolutions, in many different shapes, without any loss in quality.


Take it for a test drive

The design is ready to launch.

Text, images and videos are set. Preview it now on your laptop, or on the big screen. How about one more edit? Crop the image from the top. Cue the video to start 5 seconds later. Make your final touches — edits, crops, cues and more — right in Videro without retouching files in the original software. Preview, edit, crop, repeat. When you’re happy with the results, play it live or on-schedule.

Unlimited zones and layers

Why paint yourself into a corner? Don’t let them mislead you with the 4-zone decoy.

With Videro, the entire screen is your canvas. Split your screen into as many distinct areas and alpha layers as you wish. Create a template to show merchandise photos on a backdrop layer that changes daily. Then place a ticker along the border that fades out when your customer clicks the screen. Or crop just one section from your homepage so that your displays are always live with the new collection. Unlimited zones and layers gives you the freedom to design your message to have the biggest impact.


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