• Look sharp.
  • Compelling content? Check.
    Perfect sized display? Check.
    Ready for customers? Check.
  • Videro makes it easy as 1-2-3 to click play and watch your content and your business come alive. Why do Videro powered displays look better? We render your content on-the-fly, in its native format, creating a beautiful, HD-quality display. Every time.
Its-your-show-600px Mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-600px The-talking-shelf-600px


It’s your show (control)

Take your content one step further:

add the show controls. Want to dim the background music when the videos play? Should the screen pop out when the customer hits the juke box? How about lighting a path of arrows to point the way? Your choice of show controls — lights, sound, even window treatments — can be cued, automated and seamlessly connected to your content with Videro. And if you want to roll out the red carpet treatment for a VIP, why not tap the Videro iPhone app and turn your shop into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

What if you could anticipate your customer’s needs?

What if you could answer their questions before they ask? Videro powers all sorts of devices that display content, including magic mirrors that work with RFID tagged merchandise. Hold up an item to your in-store display or fitting room mirror — and your customer finds suggestions for colors, accessories, you name it. You could even show a video clip from the fashion show or celebrity event showcasing that particular product.


The talking shelf

The music stops you in your tracks

The merchandise display starts up the video ad. Motion sensors trigger the interaction between your customers and your brand. Our clients already know that ads are more effective when people are looking to purchase. At Videro, we help you communicate your brand’s message at the moment of maximum influence. And our software connects easily to sensors of all sorts, including motion sensors and audience tracking, to make the most of your customer influence.

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