• Kick back and watch your shows in confidence.
  • A flick of the wrist. A snap of the fingers. Videro brings you simplicity in remote management and the ability to instantly scale to multiple displays or locations.
  • Update your content from behind the countertop or from across town. Want your agency to drive the creative, but the store manager to handle quick changes in local displays? Videro lets you tailor the customer experience and control it from anywhere.
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Be in control

It’s your stuff

You want to see your content on your screens and know that all is well. Videro is committed to bringing you ease and security. Go ahead and check your displays from home, on the train, or even from your iPhone. You expect excellence and demand to inspect it for yourself. Videro wants you to be able to check on and control your screens anytime you want. And of course, we make sure you can monitor the hardware devices as well.

We’ve got your back 24/7

Your sign says open for business

And your digital sign makes that same promise. At Videro, we make sure you have a back-up plan even when we are confident you won’t need it. Our network of Videro authorized resellers and agencies provide monitoring and local support. And our worldwide client service team is focused on supporting customers. Videro is a top-quality service — so your content stays alive — even if your Internet connection skips a beat.


Easy as pie

How does one Fortune 500 company manage content in a retail chain with hundreds of Videro powered displays?

Two people – one in North America and one in Europe — that’s it. Sure, they have a great creative team that produces artwork and videos for them, but that was the case even when digital marketing was limited to the website. Now, these two regional managers control the in-store audio-visual experience for retail locations worldwide. And having seen how easy it is to manage, they even let the individual store managers use the Videro iPhone app to run in-store promotional displays just for local customers.

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