• What is real-time rendering? It means painting the content onto the screen at the instant that content needs to be displayed.
  • Why is it superior? Real-time rendering:
    • shows, your content at its uncompressed best
    • lets you integrate dynamic and interactive content
    • distributes content to screens of all sizes with no loss of quality
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Unsurpassed visual impact.

Show off every HD detail. Videro does not compress your content.

Raw. Uncompressed. Superb. Videro does not compress or pre-render your content. Every beam of light, every drop of dew, every star in the sky will come through as bright and detailed as you intended. Each element of content is rendered on-the-fly, at its original quality — so that you can take advantage of each element’s timing, animation and transition effects, even with websites and other live feeds.

Why is the visual quality so superior?
In traditional video animation programs, you add all your content to the screen, set up the animation, and then the program compresses all your data and makes one video out of it, thereby also reducing the quality of the content. Videro is different. When you play your content in Videro, we assemble and run the content (and each element’s animations, layers and effects) in their original and uncompressed formats, and with all that data (all of those pixels), the visual result is compelling.

Connect with customers.

Immersive visuals. Live triggers. Interactive content. Connect on every level.

The crowds roar from the sports bar — and suddenly every screen in sight is showing the instant replay. You type your guest’s name into the mobile app — and instantly everyone and every display is giving personalized VIP service. Your customer clicks the touchscreen in the fitting room — and immediately, the sales associate brings the item in the right size. Too futuristic to be real? Videro clients are doing even more already.

Dynamic, interactive content.
Videro lets you integrate online apps (websites, feeds and more) into any part of the screen, at every layer and position. Design on-the-fly content as you zoom, splice or make transparent any set of elements. Interrupt your usual content based on RFID, motion sensors or touch screen interactions. Trigger a Las Vegas style light show or automatically update hundreds of LED shelf tags with new prices.


Create it once. Play it everywhere

Syndicate your content. Videro is designed for Content Portability.

The value of your content grows exponentially — with the content portability of Videro. Take your composition and play it anywhere and everywhere without worrying about aspect ratio, resolutions or most importantly, quality. Our software gives you direct screen layout control. And you can individually determine how to fit, crop, shift or zoom each composition so that it looks its best in every one of your displays. Each display renders your content independently, making it possible to distribute it to many different sizes at many different resolutions.

Scale up or down fearlessly.
Your first project was a beautiful program in 16×9 for a 1360×768 screen. Then your client asks to also run it on an HD screen of 1280×720. How do you make this work? Videro makes it easy. Your original program keeps the same aspect ratio setting and adapts to the new screen size, without any loss of quality. Videro uses real-time rendering to make this possible. In other words, Videro Player software (independent of the hardware) rescales the content (up or down) while it is running, so that it expands or contracts to smoothly and crisply fit the new screen, while maintaining the same aspect ratio. Want to see it for yourself? Ask for us for a demo.

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