• Your clients know you as the experts who make stuff happen. We know you as our trusted partners who design and build out client dreams every single day.
  • Become a Videro value added reseller.Videro helps you grow your business with an end-to-end digital display solution. Contact us and we’ll get you started today.
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Thrill your clients

Unique. Interactive. Scalable.

How do you create and deliver custom solutions — repeatedly? Videro makes it easy to design and build beautiful wall projections, compelling interactive touch-screens, unique audio visual environments and more. Our software gives you a true media designer’s studio, an easy-to-use toolset and a robust software system for controlling digital displays and environments.

Flexible. Extensive. Connected.
Is it really that easy to control entertainment show controls, RFID, even motion sensors — from a single source? Yes, yes and yes. Our media integrator partners love the fact that Videro provides a true platform. Our software readily integrates with other systems and devices. What next? The sky’s the limit.

Professional support for professionals.
It’s your reputation. Your clients trust you to make sure everything is up and running. Videro gives you the confidence to support any number of clients with real-time monitoring for all your digital displays. And if you need to call for back-up, go ahead. We know you give your clients top-notch service, and we are here to provide professional support to professionals like you.

Grow your business

Ongoing cash flow

Take a one-time installation and turn it into a long-term revenue generating relationship. Our standard monthly subscription model and our custom partner models generate a continuing sales cycle for you. When you add your value-added services to it, it grows even more. And now your clients will be asking you every season for something even better than before.

Do more with less.
Whatever your service — design, installation, hardware or integration — Videro empowers you to do even more. The tasks that used to take forever are now only a matter of clicks. Content production, system integration and remote monitoring are now easier to manage — so that you can focus more on what you do best.

A slice of ad revenue.
Some of our partners lease displays to their clients and help them program their content. Others control an entire ad network, and then split the proceeds with their clients. Whatever you choose, Videro helps you find a path that works for you. Our software enables you to generate ad revenue on our Content Computing Network, and track every level of detail for each piece of content.


Expand your network

At Videro, we partner with a variety of firms — from exhibit designers to media integrators

  • Audio visual integrators use Videro connect to and control an entire suite of devices, all from a single easy-to-use web tool.
  • Retail design firms use Videro to showcase merchandise among displays of all sizes and resolutions.
  • Show control designers use Videro to create customized interactive experiences in top tier entertainment, public space, and cultural attractions.

And our partners also work together, bringing complementary services to each partner’s particular niche.

Contact us to learn more about joining our partner network.

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