• 4×3. 16×9. 1024×768.
    1360× 68. 5120×1,600.
    Portrait. Landscape. HD.
    Is this gibberish to you? How do you know what’s best?
    Videro helps you find the right fit.
  • Be fearless. Choose your resolution. Orient yourself.Now take it for a spin. Want to change your portrait into a landscape? Just point and click. What happens to the extra screen real estate? Videro helps you position your content into the shape you want, and makes it easy to fill in the blanks.



LCD large screen

40″ display with 1080p.



In-store or lobby directory.


LED outdoor billboard

5.5 meters x 3.5 meters with 20mm pixel pitch.


15″ shelfmount

Point of Sale (POS), shelfmount or endcap.




Interactive HD video player for customers.


LED shelf tag

Price tags or shelf labels.


5000×1600 jumbotron

Attention in Times Square.



Wall projection

Immersive geometric displays.