Videro runsin a browserVIDERO is a Cloud based Software, 


enabling users (customers or their marketing teams) to manage their digital signage throughout the world.
Our easy-to-use software enables you to 

  • Create and manage all content for your advertising and campaigns
  • Approve and distribute your content to all connected displays at all locations through the internet
  • Monitor your campaigns
  • Monitor the health and activities of your displays in real time
  • Access all systems directly to individualize content on-the-fly
  • and much, much more.

And the good news: it already contains ALL necessary IT services. All of VIDERO’s robust features are included with your monthly license. Features like live rendering, non-destructive editing, easy-to-create touch features, exceptional content management and scheduling as well as VIDERO’s state of the art synchronization technology are just a few of the features our customers gain access to, enabling them to greatly enhance their Brand Experience.

The Workflow  

1. Media Upload

Upload all files from your desktop to the composer. MORE







2. Online Composer

Create your advertising with our easy to use online composer MORE







3. Playlist Scheduling

Define when your messages will be
played. MORE


6. Distribute to the players

After approval playlists will be downloaded to all selected  players. MORE







5. Playlist approval

Before distribution content needs to be approved. MORE







4. Playlists upload to the Cloud

Upload the playlists including all media files to the scure Videro cloud. MORE


7. Display content on screen

After downloading, the MediaPlayer displays all content automatically. MORE







8. Content monitoring

Real time monitoring allows in depth system and content status. MORE







9. Reporting / statistics

Reports and statistics analyze played content and system status.


“So, all we had to do is decide which hardware to buy.”  

(Bernd Bosch, ceo Engbers GmbH & Co. KG, Gronau, GERMANY)