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  • Agencies understand the art and science of getting the message across. At Videro, we respect that Content is King and we love working with our agency partners across this kingdom. And our agencies love being able to offer their clients the beautiful on-screen experience of Videro
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It’s all about the Creative

Videro makes it easy for your creative team to strut their stuff.


It’s all about the Relationship

Agencies use Videro to keep clients coming back for more.


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It’s all about the Creative

Easy-to-control Content, Design and Media.


Videro makes it easy for your creative team to strut their stuff. Our software is accessible via a web browser, and it works smoothly with your media assets in whatever format you prefer. We understand that the digital screen is your canvas. That means we don’t limit you to 4 zones. Videro offers unlimited split-screen zones and unlimited layers of content. And we provide a library of transition effects for each layer of each segment. Videro software lets you focus on showing off the best ideas for your clients.

Quick-turn edits. Just one more little crop, zoom, splice — how often do you hear that? When you power your signage with Videro, you can make most quick edits (cropping images, splicing video, zooming etc.) directly in Videro without reformatting in Photoshop, Illustrator or video production software. This means quick-turns for production and cost-savings for your client.

Videro looks better. It was one of our partners who told us about the side-by-side comparison. Videro makes the same content on the same screen look crisp and beautiful — and better than the competition. Videro powers clear, crisp images and HD quality video. We are much more than a technology solution: Videro knows that a beautiful display can lead to a compelling customer experience.

It’s all about the Relationship

ROI is the name of the game.


How do you keep your clients coming back for more? How do you continuously improve on your value? Videro helps you track the value of your creative services. Our software tracks media and ads on a single display or across a group of billboards.

Flexible scheduling. Your clients expect you to be on call day and night. And you expect your digital signage solution to do the same. Videro makes it possible to schedule content over multiple day and time slots per display and still have the ability to make the content responsive to customer interactions. Want to feature a last-minute event? How about determining the weekly special based on your client’s current inventory? Videro provides the best of flexible content scheduling and on-the-fly customer events.

Worry-free remote management. How easy is it to remotely control your digital content? Let us count the ways. Change your content anytime anywhere via a web browser. Get notified via your mobile for any special events. Use your iPhone to see the real-time content of any number of your displays. And when your own top-notch service team needs a helping hand, you can call Videro 24/7 for professional support.