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  • See the world’s largest
    gesture-active display
    now live at ORBI in Yokohama, Japan. Step into the brilliant nature experience created by video game entertainment leader SEGA and a world renowned broadcast partner – and powered by VIDERO.
  • Videro is thrilled to be the Brand Experience Platform for this supercharged world of nature. And we want you to inspire your customers with best practices that impact your world, whatever the size.

Move and the world moves with you

Gesture technology is already in your home gaming system. Now make it work for your business.


Turn a wall into an ocean

Transform any surface into a setting that tells the story of your brand. Then watch it move your customers.


Take home a souvenir

Let customers carry your brand home, right on their phones and in their hearts. What next? Share with friends.


Choose one, choose them all.

Why settle for one image, one song, one clip — when you can create your own symphony of color, sound and video.