Tech features  Whatever your size, your scene
or your style, we've got a solution


  • Does Videro support this screen type? Yes.
  • Will I have to reformat my content? No.
  • Can I connect Videro to my ______? Yes.
  • Can I check all this for myself? We would expect nothing less. Here’s our summary of technical features to help answer your questions.
Product Landing

Size matters

Learn about screen types, resolutions, aspect ratios and more.


Format friendly

We support your content in just about any format. See our list.


Wave that magic wand

Check out show controls, RFID sensors, database connections and more.


All systems on target

Technical monitoring, alerts, analytics. Expect and inspect with confidence.



Seeing is believing

Are you playing the right content? See the live-view of every display.



How Videro stacks up

See how we come out on top, feature for feature.