Videro runsin a browser  Your production studio,
     the control room, every step
from the preview to the live feed

  • Create and master. It all starts from your browser. Create, control and monitor your content from anywhere.
  • Schedules and triggers. Create a perfect playlist. Interrupt it for that live event. Or set up content rules to always keep it original.

Create and master.

What do you need to get started? Simply open your browser. To create a digital sign, work with what you’ve already got. Simply drag-and-drop videos, music, even live content from your online website into any arrangement you want. Want to crop, rotate or wipe-in? Go for it. Our non-destructive editing makes it easy to add layers, filters, transition effects and more. Videro helps you create displays with unlimited split-screens, format-free content portability and unmatched visible impact.


Check out the Videro advantage:

  • Drag-and-drop or pixel-specific placement
  • Free-form composition or easy-templates
  • Unlimited zones or display areas
  • Unlimited layers and transparencies
  • Crop, rotate and transition effects


Want to see more? Contact us for a demo.

Schedules and triggers.

You’ve got great content. Now play it for the right audience. At the right time. Videro provides flexible and powerful scheduling.


Different programs can be scheduled to play at different times.

  • Show the lunch menu on weekdays, the dinner menu in the evenings, and the brunch menu only on the weekends.


Scheduling can include items to play and items to skip.

  • Before an action movie, show the previews for other action movies and thrillers — and skip the foreign film previews. What about the popcorn? Show the ads with the previews, no matter what kind of movie is playing.


Programs can follow a schedule, and still be interrupted for live interactions or special events.

  • Surprise the birthday guests with bright lights, special effects and a personalized display complete with the birthday guest’s name. (Videro lets you type the name right into our mobile app.) And when the special event is over, the regularly scheduled content will get right on track.