Digital Signage SoftwareComposerCreativity without limits!


  • Create and publish digital screen content using our Digital Signage Software in just a few easy steps and on the go.
  • The drag & drop system allows you to add and arrange videos, music, photo content and text online in real-time.
  • You just added some awesome website content? Just quickly add the link to your display or video screen. This is what Digital Signage is all about!





With Videro 4.0 we aspire to perfect Digital Signage Software and make it easier for you to use it efficiently. Even though the app for composing and publishing campaigns is completely browser based, you don't have to miss out on any functions. 
Not convinced yet? Read on!





Your own media data & connectivity to product databases


Through the Videro Composer, you create an astonishing showcase for your data. Just transfer your own media files easily from other applications. For example the Composer can import shop and product databases or just create new ones. 





All file formats supported


You don't have to pick from your media, what you can or cannot use in your campaign. Our Digital Signage Software recognizes them all! Just add any file you need, from clips, pictures, audio files to PDFs, flash animations, whole websites or Apple Quartz compositions. You can use them all in Videro 4.0 to create unique advertisements and play them in the integrated MediaBrowser. 





Unlimited Layers


You don't have to stick to just one layer of media. With our Digital Signage Software, unlimited layers to work on and arrange media at, are available. Add density and details to your compositions and build exactly the kind of advertisement or campaign, that fits your brand the best. There are no limits set to your creativity, our software has it all. 





Media libraries


All the data you add to your campaign including links, RSS Feeds, websites etc.,will be saved in shared media libraries you can access anytime and share with your co-workers. Nothing gets lost while you can concentrate on creating your ad. 






   Tools & Animations


Within the Composer of the Digital Signage Software, you can set different parameters for every item individually. Tools such as sizing, position, resolution and layers, length and playing duration, skipping and blending, or just defining a detail, are available for easy use.  


For further detail you can add frames, shading, filters or mirror and turn a detail. If you're adding a PDF, you can choose which pages to show. Free text can e positioned completely independent and designed in font, color and running speed for tickers. We're offering a wide range of tools, you would commonly not expect in a browser based software. 






Our Digital Signage Software offers you one of the most important tools when it comes to responsive designs - interactivity. All elements you added to your ad, can be defined separately in the way they interact with each other. Assign a start and ending time for animations, reactions to touch or several other actions. 





Timing & Scheduling


Your created content will be put together in packages. You can choose from various settings that define parameters like duration and repeating. Whole channels or single packages will now be scheduled and shared precisely through the Cloud (Link). With our Composer you may also add switch-on and switch-off times (Link) for displays or add advanced settings such as synchronized playing (Link) on more than one display at a time. 


Browser based Composer - 24/7 access worldwide


Videro 4.0 as a leading Digital Signage Software, combines all the comfort of a computer based app with the accessibility of an online app you can work with 24/7 where ever you are, from about every mobile device. Try out Drag & Drop options and popular tools like Rotating, Blending and Cropping. You will be surprised, what your browser is capable of! 





No software installation needed!


A browser based Digital Signage Software comes with the advantage of never having to install anything, update software or compatibility problems. You will always be able to access Videro online. 






More VIDERO Digital Signage plattform features: