Digital Signage SoftwareVIDERO 4.0A single platform for all your needs


  • Create and manage your ads and campaigns
  • Distribute all your content to all contected displays across any location
  • Monitor your system-status and aktivity of all your systems and their contents in real-time
  • Access your systems any time and make local adjustmens on-the-fly
  • And even more..




More options. More independence. More efficiency. 
Your ideas, Your campaign, Live on screen!
Impress your customers by getting them exactly what they are searching for : Personalized content, up-to-date information, interactive responsive designs and a whole new shopping experience!
Digital screen campaigns can do that and much more for you. Videro 4.0 is a Digital Signage Software that allows you to access all the data and interfaces in various interactive apps, all controlled through one central browser based account.






You are the director: Stage your own sales and Information displays. The Digital Signage Software Videro 4.0 puts you in control over your media supported marketing campaigns and lets you actively control ambience tools such as light, music and even smell. Local, unique and always updated! Maximize the success of your ideas and advertising spaces by controlling them online and in the same space.
The Videro 4.0 Software supports all common media such as video, photo and music. It offers full support of every file format from Apple Quartz to PDF. This allows you to add exactly the data you had in mind for your campaign and doesn't restrain you to one type of advertising. You can re-invent your corporate identity and brand signature with every new campaign.
Our Signage Plattform doesn't just allow you to access and control your running campaigns, but lets you create new media and ad campaigns right within the application. Videro 4.0 provides a central space where all planning, execution, administration and spread of your ideas can be done in just one place.
When we developed this new version of our popular Signage Software, we focused on making it easy to use and efficient in performance and design. Videro 4.0 comes with new exciting features and options such as full support of Quartz data or the ShowControls module.
Local and big brands around the world trust Videro with their campaigns. Try it today and profit from our experience in digital advertising!