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  • Create and administrate your own campaigns and advertises.
  • Spread your content to all the available screens anywhere you like.
  • Check on status and activity of all the connected systems and the placed content.
  • Access the screens and systems anytime and  individualize your campaign on-the-fly.
  • Control the success of your campaign.



System controlling

You are in control of everything!  


Being in control of your content is one of the central goals of using the Digital Signage Software Videro 4.0. Therefor we offer unique options for monitoring not just campaigns and content but also their distribution and the hardware on which they run.
Status monitoring is at the heart of this application. All the accessible hardware units and important information such as storage utilization, CPU run, running time, temperature and network activity are view able within the application to allow you to intervene quickly, if something doesn't work well.





Switch-on and off timer


Our Digital Signage Software allows you to control and administrate the online and offline times of all terminal devices in use and view them anytime in the application.    





Logs and evaluation


The monitoring process is supported by statistics on uploads and downloads which may be used to analyze data such as the connection speed. The activity statistics of the application show data such as CPU capacity and keep you updated on peaks.                                     






Play-back statistics


As a professional Digital Signage software Videro 4.0 delivers all statistics about the plays your ads reached, right within the application. Get the numbers on how often your campaign has been running and clicked in easy to create PDF reports, which may also be filtered and sorted by relevant criteria. These customized reports put you in ultimate power over viewing, what you are really interested in.  




Live-monitoring of your plays


Technical control of the hardware components aside, the cloud based Digital Signage Software Videro 4.0 also focuses on letting you monitor your content online anytime. Cloud monitoring allows you to view the status of your projects and campaigns and what content is currently displayed on the screen. Every device in use is able to show you a preview of what is currently running, live as it happens.                          




This gives you the safety to know, your campaign is running the way you'd like it to, even if you don't have any way to check for yourself. In the rare case, anything should crash, tools like the System Profile and the Error log help you and us with analyzing the situation and cleaning the error quickly.  






Content distribution

Share your content where you need it to run!  


No matter, if you are placing single spots or whole campaigns, small updates or new drafts, using players or hardware groups, it's always as easy as that: Create the content within the application and distribute it with just one click through the cloud. That's it. The campaign is now running on the device, you sent it to.  


To control more than one spot at a time, just arrange your devices into groups. You can organize and move around the objects and groups by drag & drop. It doesn't get more easy than that! The Cloud administration also the place, where you decide on whom you are going to share your content and data with. Here you may add editors to your project or get approval from your administration.
Our Digital Signage Software contains overviews that inform you on the status of your running devices and the progress of distribution. So you don't have to take care of that and can just work on new projects, while your campaign is running.
With the help of our Digital Signage Software Videro and the the cloud system it gets easier than ever to manage campaigns on hundreds of screens at the same time, by one person only. You are in control and you don't need to share data and install software and databases on individual desktop computers, that need experts and maintenance.






User administration



Sometimes you need to get many professional coworkers involved in a Digital Signage Software project. They may be in different fields and operate from all around the world on different devices. That would have caused a problem in the past. But with Videro's cloud solution, you may now forget about these troubles. Every customer gets the tools at hand to contact and identify just the right person to talk to through a comprehensive user management system.

This is the place to manage and administrate interns and external experts, users, customers and partners. You may also manage your locations, players and distributional groups. 


The user administration puts you in control over assigning tasks and security options, sharing options and everything user connected.
The Digital Signage Software lets you control, who can view and edit content in the composer, start and modify campaigns, turn the devices on and off and edit content-groups and spots.
To make it easier, you can put users in administrative groups.






The browser based cloud server - 24/7 access worldwide!



To offer your customers a great service, you need to be able to take action quick and easy. Short reaction times and fast access to all data are a must.


Only a cloud based Digital Signage Software such as Videro 4.0 can do that for you!




No installation needed


You don't need to install anything, can't miss any updates and never run into compatibility problems. Everything is browser based.          






24/7 international customer support


Videro offers a 24 hours customer support for all cloud solutions. Contact our experts anytime to solve troubles quickly and have your campaign fixed in no time.







Automatic safety updates


Our team provides you with all important safety updates of our Digital Signage Software anytime. Of course that also includes safety updates. Our cloud based secure systems are maintained at all times to keep your data safe within the cloud.




Only our cloud based Digital Signage Software allows you to control and access all of your data at any given time wherever you are and keeps it safe and running. 



This is the professional aim, our Videro team has been entitled to for over 20 years so far!




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