• Brand experiences, brilliant interactives, and awe-inspiring displays. How you grow from Idea to Content to Experience.
  • Take a look at a few public YouTube videos that include real life examples of Videro. All credit belongs to our partners and their customers.
  • Check out behind-the-scenes “how-to.” We hope you’re inspired to create your own magical experiences with Videro.
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Meet the social network

Brand experience. Lead generation. Community advocacy. Social networking capital.


  • Transform in-person multimedia events into viral videos
  • Launch a local photo event into a Facebook campaign
  • Connect website & mobile clicks to a big-screen splash
  • Create incentives based on customer generated content
  • Give instant satisfaction with virtual and branded rewards 

Here’s looking at you, kid

Customer participation and client satisfaction. Real-time communications. And yes, brand experience.

(A Dutch video? Sure — kids speak the universal language!)

  • Let customers play an onscreen game, and show partners real-time Web updates
  • Swipe your ID tag for a personalized touchscreen menu
  • Create a touchscreen jukebox from the day’s ongoing video events

Retail magic

Product decision-making. Shopper participation. Sales per square feet. And again, brand experience.


  • Show videos on a magic mirror display
  • Trigger content based on RFID tagged merchandise
  • Invite customer participation via a touchscreen jukebox
  • Paint walls and fixtures with projection lit, animated displays

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